Routine Problem

Lasting Memories

At the summer camp I attended, they always served roast beef for dinner on the last night.  I suspect they thought that when our parents asked us how the food was at camp, we would think of our “final banquet” and forget about the creamed chipped-beef-on-toast dinners that we hated.

And so it was with my job.  Now that I have been retired for two months, only the good things about it come to mind:  how much I loved working with the students, how smart and committed my colleagues were, how important the mission that inspired us is…

However, if I dig a bit deeper, there are some things I don’t miss at all.  I don’t miss writing performance evaluations or justifying my budgets.  There were some not-fun committees I served on, and there was the time when we had to cut back our staffs.   There are even one or two people I don’t miss.

Like camp, although it served an occasional chipped beef dinner, my job was a prime ribs experience.



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