My New Dermatologist
Last Monday

Starring: Jet Blue

The USAir shuttle has been our default choice for countless trips to visit our grandchildren in Washington, DC.  Its hourly schedule from Boston is unbeatable.  Its terminal, convenient to the Metro, has good restaurant choices. On the downside, if your return trip to Boston is scheduled after 2:00 p.m., you have to be prepared for flight delays or cancellations.

For a change, we tried Jet Blue last weekend. When we hesitated for a moment upon entering their terminal in Boston, a Jet Blue employee offered to direct us. As we walked through the terminal, a Jet Blue crewmember walking in our direction asked if we had eaten.  He advised us that since there weren’t many food choices near the gates, we might want to grab something to eat before going through security.  He asked where we were going and at what time, and when we told him, he said that he would be our pilot and that it was a beautiful day to fly to DC.

The flight left on time.  The flight attendants offered only gluten-containing snacks (which leaves me out), but when I asked, they found some Jet Blue signature blue potato chips for me.  We arrived at National Airport a few moments ahead of schedule. 

Our return flight late in the afternoon on Sunday was flawless.

Oh, and we had a good time with the grandchildren too.



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