The Older Women in My Life


We are lucky to have remained a part of our children’s lives even though they have been gone from home for more years than they lived with us.  (Hard to believe.)

From time to time, the kids still seek our advice and we are happy to help, if we can.  But lately, we’ve been seeking—and taking—advice from them.

Take yesterday, for example. I was griping to our son Jeremy about the problems I was having trying to sync my new iPhone with my computer.  Jeremy’s advice—spend ten minutes trying to fix it yourself. Then spend ten minutes Googling your question.  If neither fixes the problem, head for the Apple store “Genius Bar.”  Brilliant advice, and today I am heading to the Apple store.

Then I reported on what I had learned in my first week in school, (pretty interesting stuff).  But I expressed concern that my brain cells have diminished and I was worried that I might not be up to speed. 

“Are you kidding?” he asked. “You are not out on the golf course (apologies to golfers) or playing mahjong (apologies to mahjong players). “What you’re doing is awesome.  You are awesome!”

Now that’s payback.



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What excellent advice. I've made note of it!

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