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Now Comes the Hard Part

As I reported on Sunday, I was thrilled and honored by the reception for my retirement last week. I have written the thank-you notes, stored the photos Peter took in my online album, and sent the “The Judy Kugel Trivia PowerPoint Show” from the party to our kids who couldn’t be there.  I’m done with all that.

 But now that the romantic idea of becoming a student has become the reality of being a student--- especially a way-older student--I’m feeling a bit at odds and ends.

First, it is very odd not to be going to my office every day.   In addition, I am realizing that I am as old as many of my classmates’ parents (or grandparents!).  I haven’t studied for a grade for more than fifty years.  My classmates grew up with Excel and PowerPoint, while I grew up with typewriters and dial phones.  Even more important, their brain cells are much fresher than mine.  It’s a little daunting.

I mentioned this to a good friend yesterday. “Just attempting what you are attempting is very impressive,” she said. “Whether or not you succeed, you will not have failed.”



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I wish you the best as you close this chapter. You have inspired me. I turn 60 this year. I returned to school in 2010 and it has been a challenge as I have been caring for my aging mom over the last 3 years. I was thinking this week of just quitting. I've had to withdraw this term as I've had to do from some earlier terms because dealing with my mom's care and estate (she passed away in January and I am her trustee) has been grueling and it seems the tasks are interminable.

I will slog on. Thank you for writing about these experiences.

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