On Tuesday, only four days into retirement, I became a master’s student. 

I didn’t have time to shop for a first-day-of-school outfit, but I did buy some spiral notebooks, a scientific calculator and an external hard drive for my laptop computer. I passed up the pencil bags and magic markers—for now.

I spent part of the Labor Day weekend setting up a place to study at home.  My best option was Seth’s bedroom (aka our guestroom) because it has a desk and a comfortable, though shabby, recliner. I emptied a file drawer of all my published articles and random journals I had kept of my life to make space for school files.  I solved a light problem with a floor lamp that had been relegated to the TV room in the basement, but had never been plugged in.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I “shopped” classes at school, just like all the other students.  Professors, who were my friends and colleagues, know me as a successful dean. But as a student?

Let the adventure begin.


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Good for you to have the gumption and flexibility to make this transition.


You have my admiration! I wish you great success in and enjoyment of your new endeavor.

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