Retirement Saga (Con't)

It's All Relatives

Nothing beats a beautiful weekend in New York City.  Except for a beautiful weekend in New York City for a big family wedding where the family members really like each other.

Our weekend started Thursday night at a Tony-award-winning Broadway play with our son Seth (aka The Frugal Traveler), whom we hadn’t seen in months. 

On Friday night the wedding guests, including newly-arrived Jeremy, Katrina and our grandkids, gathered at the Aurora Restaurant in Brooklyn. Cousins from near and far caught up with each other on the restaurant’s flower-filled outdoor patio.  Some came with new spouses or girlfriends, some with little kids who had grown much less little. The groom’s father introduced us to his new girlfriend, but we still got a chance to chat with his lovely ex-wife, the mother of the groom. Good food, great conversation and much joy. 

The wedding ceremony the following evening on the outdoor patio of Brooklyn’s My Moon Restaurant was a hodge-podge of traditions with a Methodist minister, a Jewish groom and a beautiful Sikh bride who happens to be a delightful addition to our family.

All wonderful, yet the most memorable moment for me had nothing to do with the wedding. 

Up early on Saturday morning, and while the rest of his family slept in their large hotel room, Jeremy texted to see if we (down the hall) were up.  We were awake, but still in bed. 

Three minutes later this big hunk of a man knocked on our door. He proceeded to do something he last did circa 1977. He hopped under the covers with us and we gabbed.  Now I ask, what 41-year old would hop into bed to chat with his parents on an early morning in New York City?



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Rachel Eggleston

You truly have a one-of-a-kind son in Jeremy. How delightful for all of you and gave me a BIG smile to start the day!
Blessings all around, Rachel

Liz Drahman

I love it! Our 27 year old daughter does the same thing and even sleeps with me when my husband gets up early. Having her visit is such a joy and I love being her "roomie" when I visit with her in NYC. We take turns visiting her (one of us has to be here with my father at all times). I never imagined that the closeness would go unchanged as I didn't have that kind of relationship with my mother. I am so happy for you and for me.
I hope things are progressing with your adjustment to "retirement." It took me a very long time when I suddenly had to leave my job and my home in Bangkok to be here in the USA for my father. Five years into the caregiving role and thought it is hard, I am happy to have teaching behind me. I gave all I could give and enjoy every night NOT being a school night.

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