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In an article in The Boston Globe in 2000, our son Seth referred to his mother and father as his “Classical-Music-Loving-Parents”.  That was an accurate characterization of his parents then and now.

I thought of his comment last weekend when Peter and I attended a concert at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, Massachusetts.  The concert featured the world’s nicest and probably best cellist, Yo Yo Ma, playing Dvorak’s cello concerto with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

That concert could not have come at a better time for me.  The last four weeks have been stressful.  Deciding to leave my job was a huge decision.  Starting graduate school classes six days later was a bit of a shock.  And who knew how complicated it is to retire?

But sitting on a cloudless August Saturday afternoon, listening to the soaring notes of a magnificently-played Dvorak cello concerto brought me a sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in days.

I can hear the cello in my head as I write,


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I love Yo Yo Ma's playing also. You describe so beautifully how inspiring music can support us through hard times. Thank you, I'm going to put on the double CD I have of Yo Yo Ma playing Bach.

Mary O

This resonates so well with me. I am facing a (different but nonetheless stressful) transition of my own and music has been a deeply powerful source of solace and support for me, especially music that my husband and I enjoyed together.

This post reminds me of a very blissful and idyllic trip we took together to Tanglewood ourselves on a beautiful summer day just a few years ago. Thank you for resurrecting that memory in my head.

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