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Forty-Five Years

The Glenwood Tigers Pep Rally

Last weekend, on the hottest evening of the summer, we went to a pep rally for the Glenwood Tigers, the grandkids’ swim team in Maryland.  The competing kids were dressed in costumes often with tiger tails or painted tiger faces.  They were vying for the title of Mr. or Mrs. Glenwood.

They sang and danced and recited cheers and then answered trivia    questions about the Tiger’s history.

Performances were emceed and judged by some of the teams (very funny) coaches.  Each was followed by appreciative applause from fellow teammates, parents and the only set of grandparents crazy enough to be out in the stifling heat. 

The heartiest applause was for the last performance because they were obviously audience favorites, but even more because an air conditioned vehicle was only moments away. 


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