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Cranberry Scones

It’s now been more than thirteen years since I had to give up gluten after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  So I’m resigned to sitting quietly as friends dig into the crusty bread and virgin olive oil that often greets us at restaurants. 

These days people give up gluten even if it isn’t necessary, something I find astonishing. But there are a lot more gluten-free choices and, more important, a lot more understanding of the importance of avoiding cross-contamination. So things have improved.

If I had to name what I miss the most and have found no substitute for, cranberry scones would be near the top of my list. So when Peter told me that King Arthur Flour had posted a recipe for scones using their gluten-free flour, I wasn’t all that excited. I’ve been disappointed by “substitutes” too many times.

But Peter, out of devotion to me or out of guilt for eating what I can't have right in front of me, decided to bake some cranberry scones.

And last Saturday morning, I had the closest thing to my memory of a scone that I have had in more than thirteen years.  Even Peter thought they were pretty good.  I couldn’t get over it.  It was almost as if I had won the lottery.

That recipe is a keeper.  So is Peter.



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Please share the recipe with the rest of us "deprived" gluten free eaters.

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