My Emotional Roller Coaster
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Am I the Luckiest Person?

I’ve never sought the spotlight.  I don’t like to be the center of attention.  I just try to show up--on time, dressed and ready to play, as a beloved colleague used to say.

So on Monday when the announcement of my transformation from Associate Dean of Students to student went out to the faculty and staff of the Kennedy School, I wasn’t prepared for the flood of amazing email responses.  In a way it felt like being at my own funeral without being dead.

People thanked me, called me a pillar of the School and wondered how the School could run “without me.” (I’m sure it will do just fine.) They thought that becoming a student was a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to exit gracefully.  They used the words “bold” and “fearless.”  The responses were astonishing. I was a basket-case of mixed emotions.

I think I will be the oldest graduate of our master’s program, but I am sure  I am the luckiest person ever admitted.


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