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Was I Meant To Be a CEO?

I started college in the undergraduate business school.  My father was a businessman, and I liked our dinner table conversations.  So why not go to business school? 

A freshman requirement was a boring course called “A History of Business in the United States.”  That did it.  I switched to liberal arts after one semester and graduated with a political science degree.

On Thursday I watched a DVD about the 50th anniversary of women at the Harvard Business School.  In 1963, when the first women were accepted at HBS, there were eight in an entering class of eight hundred.  On the DVD, one of them recalled that a professor (male, of course) berated her for taking the spot “of a man who needs to make a living for his family.”  

In 1965, when my interest in business re-surfaced, I applied to HBS and was not admitted.  Not that I thought I would be, but in 2012, with 40% of the class female, I might have had a better chance. 

Instead I went to graduate school in education, and I am still working in the field that I love.  But when I saw an interview with an HBS alumna who manages 20,000 people on Wall Street, I asked myself…

Was I meant to be a CEO?


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