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The Blue and White Checked Shirt

We’ve been home from our vacation for almost two weeks.  It’s beginning to feel like it was a very long time ago.  Vacations fade quickly.  One can live on the fumes for only so long until real life takes over.  And that’s OK.

But there is one moment in Helsinki that is still very much with me.  It was late afternoon.  We had started early that morning and we had walked and walked discovering that charming city, stopping only for a quick ice cream cone lunch on the esplanade across from the Marimekko store.

We returned to our hotel in late afternoon to rest up before heading out for dinner.  I read while Peter napped next to me.  When he woke, we held each other.  Quietly.  Fully clothed. Through his blue and white checked shirt, I could feel the warmth of the body I have known so well for forty-eight years.

My tears of gratitude for what we have, for how fortunate we have been and are, fell on his blue and white checked shirt.


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Mary O'Keeffe

Judy, thank you for sharing this. It brings tears to my eyes, and many beautiful memories of warm and tender times with my own dear husband during the 38 years we have known and loved each other.

We were planning a trip to Finland this summer. It was a long time dream for us to visit the setting of Tove Jansson's Moomin books. Sadly, we never made it.

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