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Boston Strong Women

The Boston Marathon bombing occurred seven weeks ago, and I no longer think about it every day.  But the lives of those who lost loved ones or those who were injured are irreparably changed. They live it every day.

I recently saw a TV interview with the six women who lost limbs.  They were remarkable. 

Erika, the pre-school teacher from Maryland, was the last to be released from the hospital, just in time to be in her best friend’s wedding this weekend.  All six are at home now, but still on pain pills, with much more adjusting ahead. They are worried about the life-long financial costs from their injuries, but they talked about their futures with hope and confidence.

They had been inspired by visits from military veterans who are doing well with their artificial limbs and by the incredible support of family, friends, and utter strangers.  Erika’s students tell her they can’t wait to ride in her wheelchair.  The dancer told us she will dance again. 

A few tears were shed during the interview, including mine.


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