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Gluten-free Mother's Day Weekend


I don’t nap.   When we arrive in a foreign country after an overnight flight, everyone else naps before setting out.  But I am ready to roll and power through until bedtime.  There are sights to be seen.

I can’t nap during the week because of work, but I also avoid the couch on weekend afternoons because I always believe there is something more important to do.

I’ve always been like that.  As a kid, I would rush out of my best friend’s house saying I had to go home because I had “things” to do.  Whatever that meant.

But then there was last weekend.  It had been an unusually busy week with various crises at work that brought me home later than usual. I didn’t have Friday night to recover because we had company for dinner.

Saturday morning we were busy with errands.  In the afternoon, I decided to take a short break to read the paper before doing some yard work. Two hours later, I woke up,  a new woman. 

Napping could become the new normal.


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