Gluten-free Mother's Day Weekend
Saturday Morning

Apples to Apples

On Mother’s Day weekend when we were visiting the kids in Maryland, a torrential downpour interrupted the Saturday night barbecue party next door. Neighbors from around the corner joined us to wait out the rain at our kids’ house, and someone suggested a game of Apples to Apples.  We had no idea how to play, but it is a cinch to learn. See http://bit.l/rqZA9

The ages of the ten players ranged from six (our grandson Grady) to eighty-three (Gramps, aka Peter).  It’s hard to imagine that a game could entertain a kindergartner, a third grader, an eighth grader, an eleventh grader and six adults, but Apples to Apples requires little more than a sense of humor. 

People were competitive, but friendly.  Some lobbied the “judge”.  Others reprimanded the lobbyists.  We laughed a lot.

The rain stopped.  We kept playing. 

I won.


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