Dialogue at the Dressmaker


I heard a short talk by Cheryl Saban the other day.  She is the author of What is Your Self-Worth? a book about women and self-esteem. 

Picture a beautiful age-less woman, elegantly dressed, standing in front of a group of about twenty women and two men, holding up a crisp $20 bill.  “Who would like this, she asked?”  All hands went upward.

She then crumpled the $20 bill in her fist, and held it up again.  “Who would like this?  Again, all hands went up.

Next she dropped the bill on the floor and ground her stiletto heel into it.  Still, everyone wanted it.

Finally, she took the crushed, trampled bill and ripped it.  All hands went up when she asked if anyone wanted it.

“Still worth $20?” she asked. 

Point made, she gave the $20 to the young woman sitting next to me.


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Tell me if I'm wrong, I think the analogy here is that whatever happens to you, you're still worth something to someone. I think that's the message here

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