Suddenly, They're All Gone

Dialogue at the Dressmaker

When I took a pair of slacks to my seamstress’ shop the other day, someone was in the small draped changing area, so I sat down to wait. I overheard the following:

 Customer:  “When I ordered it on line, they asked for my measurements, but it's way too big.” She went on to say that it was for the after-party of her October Las Vegas wedding so she wasn’t in a hurry. 

Dressmaker:  “It’s beautiful, but it is a lot of work to take it in because of all the feathers and beads. Can’t you send it back?’ 

Customer: “No, I bought it online and they  don’t understand English.”

Dressmaker:  “OK. I’ll do it, but I’ll have to charge you $150.” 

“It doesn’t matter,” said the young woman, as she came out of the dressing area clutching an unbelievably unbelievable dress.  A pinkish-salmon color, strapless beaded top and a skirt of feathers, the length of which was, shall we say, immodest?

When the customer left, I asked the seamstress, who was shaking her head in wonder, why she agreed to alter the dress.  “Oh, because I don’t know how to say no,” she replied.  She was as perplexed as I was as to why anyone would wear such an outfit.

After she pinned the slacks I had brought in for alteration, I said, “Unlike that future bride, I can’t wait until October to pick these up.

I’m at the age when I don’t plan that far ahead.


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