Tragedy in Boston
Lean In

Boston Strong

Watertown is my destination when I’m headed for Target or Home Deport.  But most of the time, it’s a place I drive through on my way somewhere else.

But Watertown became the world’s town on Thursday night when one of the Boston Marathon terrorists eluded police there.

In neighboring Cambridge, we obeyed our governor’s order to “shelter at home.”  Normally, an unexpected Friday off would have been a productive one.  I would have changed the closets over to spring, or got started on a project.  Maybe even read a book.  But on Friday I spent the day watching TV until I couldn’t stand seeing the same images over and over again and turned on the radio. And then back to TV after the bloodied boat cover was found. 

When our law enforcement officers got the suspect out, alive and without further loss of life, the world sighed in relief.  We watched our neighbors in Watertown cheering as the police and fire vehicles left the scene, job well done.

In my car doing errands Saturday morning, I heard a tribute to those who kept us safe, and my eyes filled with tears.

Boston Strong! 


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