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Symphony Hall Conversation

The audience at Symphony Hall on Friday was cheering.  We had just heard the Handel and Haydn Society Orchestra play a great concert of Mozart and Beethoven pieces on period instruments. I wondered aloud why the cello section was sitting stage left rather than in its usual place to the right of the conductor. 

“It’s because that’s how the orchestra played it back then,” opined Peter, as if he knew.  “I don’t think so,” replied our friend Margaret.  “I think it is up to the conductor.” 

I explained to Margaret that Peter has a way of saying things in an authoritative voice that fools people into thinking he knows what he’s talking about. 

“Oh,” she replied “Joe is the same way.”

Is this a male thing?


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John Riegsecker

It's called "The Theory of definite information." Professors use this technique all the time.


Hahaha... my mum used to use that on us all the time!

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