The Feminine Mystique at Fifty

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From time to time, I think about the difference technology has made in my life.  Usually I think of it positively, like when our son calls us from Brazil using Skype and it’s free.  Or when we “visit” our grandchildren via our iPad and watch what they are up to at that very moment. 

I depend on Google as my encyclopedia.  I use the web as my restaurant-finder and movie reviewer and to see how warmly to dress. And just yesterday, I ripped a dusty, yellowed-paper list of phone #’s from my bulletin board at work because my computer has more current info. 

Peter and I think the “lady” on our GPS has saved our marriage.  I have loved my BlackBerry for years, although I may have to switch my allegiance to the iPhone’s Siri, when she improves her batting average.

But when someone emails our book group to ask if we are attending the monthly meeting, and people REPLY TO ALL, that’s another story.  I can wait until the meeting to know if Mary or Sue is attending.  Then, there are those at work (You know who you are!) who always REPLY TO ALL.  It takes a nanosecond to decide who needs to see your reply. 

Give the rest of us a break.



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My favorite "Reply All" episode happened when a friend who thought she was only writing to the original sender clicked "Reply All" by mistake and then proceeded to write about one of the people who had previously received the original email. Nothing good came from that. However, I do think a lesson was learned.

Judy, I want to thank you for your recommendation to watch "Makers: Women Who Make America".
What a fantastic program! Very powerful and emotional. Just finished watching Part 1 - waiting for Parts 2 and 3 to air here in Los Angeles.

Love your blog! Thank you for your insights.

~ Christina ♥

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