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The Mushroom Bowl


I don’t remember who gave us our mushroom bowl as a wedding present.  But we have used it as a serving bowl more nights than not over the past forty-five years.  It is the go-to serving bowl for popcorn, stir fry, and pasta dishes, especially spaghetti with shrimp, tomatoes and broccoli. The bowl is enamel over metal, and it has aged a bit, but so have we.

What’s amazing is how common that bowl is among people in our generation.  Our friend Margaret who often contributes the salad to our pre-concert dinners, always brings it in her mushroom bowl.  And a neighbor used the same bowl at a fancy dinner party that we attended in her home recently.  We all find it indispensable.

I think I’ll have my mushroom bowl buried with me, maybe full of popcorn.


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Marilena Aquino de Muro

Judy, your blog got me thinking about objects as a symbol of friendship, and happy times. There a few things that I own which remind me of friends and occasions happily lived. I treasure those moments more than the objects! I hope my memories will not vanish away, and I hope I will use the objects to refresh my heart and mind of those occasions happily lived. Thank you, Judy!

wedding videography

Mushroom is my favorite dish, but your mushroom bowl is so pretty. After watching it, I can not control on my tongue and will definitely eat mushroom.

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