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Visit to the Lawyer


Most people agree that it is prudent to review their wills periodically.  And many might agree that it is not fun.  Personally, I hate it.

We spent the better part of a gloomy afternoon last week in the somber conference room of our attorney.  I was struck by the plushness of the office, by the receptionist who answered each call at the modern equivalent of a switchboard. (Don’t most offices just have voice mail these days?!) 

The phrase “passes on” appeared in every other sentence uttered by our lawyer.  Of course, we do not expect to live forever.  That’s why we have wills.  But Peter and I just don’t talk about “passing on”.  Dying maybe, but not “passing on.” And when the lawyer mentioned the possibility of our children passing on, that was no fun at all.

Lawyers charge a lot of money.  I pay it reluctantly, but with appreciation. 

Appreciation stemming from the fact that we don’t have to do it again any time soon.






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