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On our weekend walk, a guy zipped by us on his bicycle.  Outfitted in blue and black Spandex, his bike was thin-wheeled and fast.  I told Peter that I didn’t think he noticed us.

Even if he did, he probably didn’t imagine himself as one of an elderly couple like us who had once zipped along bike paths in Spandex or its earlier equivalent.

And that got us to arguing.  Peter claimed that we focus mainly on people in our own age group and that is why he didn’t notice us.  Three-year olds look at other three-year olds; teenagers at teenagers and old folks at old folks.

No, I insisted.  Every workday I focus on people in younger generations because no one at work is my age and that is what I like to do. 

We then launched into full bickering mode, moving from where we focus our attention to what defines happiness and more.  At one point we found something to agree on, but I forget what.

Our walk takes about forty minutes.  Any longer and our marriage might have been in trouble.



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Thank you for sharing your reflections. I enjoy your honesty and humor.

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