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Thanksgiving is as early as it can be this year, but I still can’t wait. 

In our house, the menu will be identical to Thanksgivings past, the same food in the same serving dishes, the same pre-dinner walk around the reservoir, (with the same detour by Jeremy to bring us the same snack—a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts), the same family picture taken at the same spot by a passerby (whom we reward with a doughnut).  Two desserts are already in the freezer with more to come. The turkey is ordered, larger than last year because we may have extra guests. 

On Monday, I grabbed our battered copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen to see how long this year’s turkey will take.  Pictured above are pages 234 and 235.  Since 1976, I have scribbled the size of each turkey in the margins. I’ve noted the oven temperature and how long it took.  Also penciled in are some tips from Owen’s Turkey Farm, cookbook author Craig Claiborne and others.  My biggest turkey was 23.5 lbs in 1984 and it took 5.5 hours.

Above her roasting timetable on page 235, Julia wrote, “I do think every cook should keep notes on his or her own experience…to develop not only confidence but also your own special way of doing things.”

I’ll include a thank you to Julia Child in our Thanksgiving Grateful Jar this year.



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