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Farewell Election 2012

It’s over.  Whether your candidate won or lost, you’ve got to be happy that the robo-calls, TV ads, and canvassers at your door are history.  And that you can answer your phone again.  (Note to friends:  Sorry if I missed your call. I hope you left a message.)

If I were in charge, I would:

  • Give the candidates federal funding so that the winner would be beholden to no one.
  • Require facts, and forbid personal attacks.
  • Limit the number of TV ads per candidate.

And finally, I would ban all sports metaphors. A newspaper article asked if the re-elected Obama would be “more willing to swing for the fences”. Romney conceded saying, “We left everything on the field.  We tried everything in the playbook.”  Even Elizabeth Warren told her supporters, “You taught me how to get in the ring and win.”

We have four years to learn how to do better.  

Keep hope alive.



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Kay Crosson

And let's limit the campaigning to 30 days.
Every ad should be automatically followed by an independent fact check.

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