Aunt Ruth Re-Visited

Bad Start

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, I go to the airport by public transportation.  It’s faster, cheaper and more environmentally responsible.  (Remember I commute to work on my bicycle.)

Last weekend I wasn’t paying attention when I got on what I thought was the direct bus to the airport. However, it was a bus that only went part of the way.  When I heard “Last stop” for the third time, I realized my mistake and got off.

An older man, a transit employee, was at the bus stop telling a stranger about his job counting passengers.  I asked him if I had to pay again when the right bus came because I had boarded the wrong one.

“Oh, I’ll tell the bus driver,” he said. 

Moments later, I boarded the right bus.  The driver had stepped off for a moment, and I got on.  As the driver re-boarded, my new friend shouted to him, “Don’t charge the old lady.  She got on the wrong bus.”

Bad start to the weekend.


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Audrey Mitchell

Oh my, the things that we have to endure as we age. But that WAS funny.

Marc Leavitt

When I was a senior in high school - I was seventeen - I had a crush on a freshman at the nearby women's college.

She was 18, and I never asked her out, because I thought an older woman wouldn't possibly be interested in a callow high school senior.
Perspective really IS everything.

Marc Leavitt, blogging(Marc Leavitt's Blog)at


Hahahah oops! If you hadn't italicized, I wouldn't have noticed what was wrong. OOPS!

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