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Small Change

We had trouble scheduling our most recent appointment with Kathy, our personal trainer. She usually comes to our house every two months, but this time it had been five months due to various commitments on both sides. We were thrilled to see her.

As usual, she revised our routines to keep us growing stronger (or prevent us from growing weaker).  In her sweet and gentle way, she gets us to work harder.  “Do those crunches on the foam roller,” she might say.  “Or try crossing your legs for a better stretch.”

This time she urged me to change my morning routine from twenty-five minutes on the exercise bicycle and five on the elliptical trainer to twenty minutes on the bike and ten minutes on the trainer.  When she saw the crestfallen look on my face (the bike is much easier for me), she said, “OK, do ten minutes just once a week.”

It’s been a week now since Kathy was here.  I haven’t done ten minutes on the elliptical trainer yet.  But I have sweated through six minutes every day which is better than five.

Change is hard.


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