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"Live Free or Die"

“Live Free or Die” shouts every New Hampshire license plate.  New Hampshire citizens (or at least those who approve license plate messages) seem to believe that if they want to ride their motorcycles on major highways without helmets (against the law in most states) they can do it because they are citizens of New Hampshire.

I thought about this the other evening when I felt a welcome gentle fall breeze blowing through my hair about halfway through my bike ride home from work.  I suddenly realized that I felt the breeze because I wasn’t wearing my bicycle helmet.

I never ride without my helmet.  Never.  What was I thinking?  How could I have left it in the office.  Is this the official onset of forgetfulness?  I was extra careful on the rest of my ride home.  And into work the next morning.

But for a few blissful moments of no helmet, breeze flowing through my hair, I could understand why New Hampshire’s license plate says

“Live Free or Die.”  



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Fascinating coincidence that you forgot your helmet so close in time to the appearance of this thought-provoking article:


A Cambridge in which (almost) everyone rode bicycles on most surface streets would be so much safer and healthier. Helmets might still be a good idea in such a world, but they would be much less necessary.

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