My Rivals
My Rivals (revisited)

The Color Purple

There’s a wonderful old poem that starts like this:

    When I am an old woman

    I shall wear purple with a red hat

    that  doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me…

The poem tells us that when you are old, you can get away with some pretty outrageous things just because… you are old . 

I do say some things that I might have self-censored just a few years ago, but so far I have not regretted any of them.

As for purple, it turns out that I bought a regally purple sweater last winter.  And this spring I bought a purple bathing suit and a purple big shirt to wear over it.  But it was not until both my daughter-in-law and my cousin separately told me what a great color my new purple polo shirt is for me that I thought of “When I am old I shall wear purple…”

Now I just need a red hat.


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