Little Things / Big Pleasures


I took myself on an adventure to a new Premium Outlet Mall about forty-five minutes away from home on a beautiful fall weekend. I thought I could spruce up my wardrobe with a bargain or two.

I played my favorite CD’s in the car.  I enjoyed the scenery, especially as the leaves were beginning to show their fall colors. 

What I didn’t enjoy was the shopping.  Things didn’t look fresh—they didn’t look like they look in the regular Saks Fifth Ave or the fancy Coach store in the mall.  They had sales on their sales, and nothing looked appealing.  So guess what?  The only thing I bought was a new spatula to replace our forty-five year old one that disappeared a week ago.

I couldn’t help but think of my shopping trips with my mother.  We would take the bus to downtown Pittsburgh to shop in Kaufmann’s.  We would outfit me for the new school year, based on the latest fashions in Seventeen.  We would have a ladies’ lunch in the store’s restaurant, either Chicken à la King or tuna salad. I probably wore white gloves.

The stores had free delivery back then so we got back on the bus, tired, but unencumbered by any bags.

Kaufmann’s is now Macy’s. But when I think about those shopping trips, it’s Kaufmann’s to me. And it always will be.


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Shopping is the one of my outlet when I ever I'm depress. But sometimes shopping caused me problem especially in my credit cards.

Marie at Aging Bodies

I used to shop with Mom too. We hopped on the bus to hit the small town close by - usually with my best friend and her Mother. It's fun remembering, but I like to shop online now.

hamlet soliloquy analysis

That's a sweet memory of you and your mother. It is a nice thing to be able to remember the simple moments of life. I also remember doing that same thing with my mother - shopping for back-to-school clothes depending on the school fashion as pictured in Seventeen. <3

Susan G.

When I spent four years at college in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, we made occasional trips into Pittsburgh to Kaufmanns. I believe that Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater for the Kaufmann family.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, my mother and I would make a bus trip into Goerkes in Elizabeth, NJ, when an event called for something store-bought.

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