Squeaky Clean
Florence at Camp

Monterey, MA


Unless your kids are within an hour’s drive (ours aren’t), you never see them enough.  We visit the grandchildren for a weekend every couple of months, and everyone comes to us for Thanksgiving.  But this summer, we rented a house in the Berkshires and nabbed everyone for a week. The house was beautiful and completely grandchildren-ready with toys and games galore--air hockey (whatever that is), pool, ping pong, Legos, all kinds of board games, a kayak and more.

We had great weather.  We were a three-minute drive from a lake.  We hiked and swam and went on nature walks.  We picked blueberries from bushes we could reach from the deck. We watched about an hour of the Olympics before bedtime each night.  Our only disappointment was that Uncle Seth, flying back from St. Petersburg, Russia had a plane cancelled and instead of having thirty-six hours with the family had only fifteen hours, including sleeping time.

Memorable moments:  Eight-year-old Leo to his grandfather:  “Gramps, your nose looks longer today.”  To his grandmother when asked his favorite subject in school:  “Recess.”  Leo is all football, all the time, quizzing us about quarterbacks we’ve never heard of.

And Grady, in love with every caterpillar, Legos and entertaining us with typical five-year-old’s jokes like What does one tomato say to the other?  Answer:  Ketchup with you later.

Driving home, I was sad.  I thought I should be happy because I am so lucky to have had this week.  But I was sad.

That is until we got home and Peter served me an extra- large dish of coffee ice cream.   


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You and your family look so happy and relaxed. Great photo!

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