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Looks Like Thanksgiving

Although we are used to Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal who come back to us every spring and the not-so-brave bunnies who scamper when I go out to get the morning newspaper, we don’t have a lot of wildlife in our small yard. 

However, of late we have some new visitors.  A family of wild turkeys now comes marching through pretty much daily.  Yesterday, all five were hunting for breakfast bugs in our front yard.  One of the “children” seems to have a limp, but gets around on its own. 

I have heard that you don’t want to confront wild turkeys.  I also have seen evidence that they pretty much decimated a neighbor’s garden.  But Peter’s irreverent comment, “Do we have room in the freezer?” aside, it is kind of fun to watch them.

This morning, I didn’t see them.  I started to worry.  And then I realized that I have enough to worry about.  I don’t need to add turkeys to the list.



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Margaret Rader

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I can relate. I'll be 77 is October.

We had a stray peacock wandering the roads near us. It was interesting to see him. He was very noisy. I haven't heard him lately, and your comment made me realize I wasn't worried about him. How right you are -- there's enough to worry about.


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