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Our sons, Jeremy and Seth, attended Becket, a YMCA overnight camp, for years.  Seth went from camper to counselor-in-training to counselor to village director and Jeremy, who also followed the camper to counselor route, eventually led a Becket International Campers Exchange to China single-handedly.  To say that Becket was formative for our children is an understatement. Peter and I give it credit for many of our kids’ best qualities.

Last week we got a forwarded email from the camp. Apparently, Becket launched a campaign to raise funds for scholarships. Here’s what a Board member said in his keynote speech at Becket’s campaign kick-off celebration.

“Seth Kugel was an Aide in 1986… Seth was assigned to my Cabin in Iroquois Village my first summer at camp. Back then, we had the same Aide for almost every cabin activity and thus Seth was like a second counselor to me. As I came back to camp over the next four summers, Seth had progressed from an Aide to CIT to Counselor (and) on to village director. Miraculously, every year I came back, he was assigned to the village I was in. Although he was never my direct counselor he took the time to talk with me whenever I had a problem and never minded if I joined in on whatever he was doing…

When I was asked the question of why do I give to camp, it’s now   simple. I give in order to allow a generation of kids who can’t afford the cost of camp, to be shaped by the Seth Kugels…, it was life changing and I truly believe I am a better person for coming here. 

Which is why my wife and I have decided to give $1 million…”

We couldn’t be prouder.


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Rachel Eggleston

Dear Judy,
What a totally awesome affirmation of your son and of your parenting! Without you two there would have been no beginnings for your sons to build on and for others to help. Buttons must have been popping and flying in your home after reading this. Proud is an understatement!

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