Norway Seth's Way
A July Fourth Lesson

Living on the Fumes

We’ve been home from our vacation with Seth in Norway for a week now. The lack-of-stress and the living-fully-in-each-moment have faded.  Despite our efforts to hold on to the way we felt on vacation, work, bills, laundry and scorching-hot temperatures have intruded on our ability to live on the fumes.

Peter and I recapture special moments of our trip by talking about them, by reading each others’ journals, and by watching a slide show of our photos. But our copies of passports and credit cards, our suitcase locks and our neck-support pillows are back in the “travel drawer”.  We’ve caught up on the mail and the magazines. 

Our vacation in Norway is history.

However, on Tuesday,  when Seth published his Frugal Traveler blog about our trip, giving us another chance to relive our experience through his eyes  (see, we got some magic back.


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