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It’s been twenty years since I wandered into the Galleries Lafayette on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and walked out with a very short and very different haircut.  That summer, Peter and I were in an intensive French class in Paris prior to going off on a bike trip in France’s Alsace region.  I remember thinking that it was insane to pay $100 for some random hairstylist to do a makeover, in French no-less.

But "Pierre" did a fabulous job, and I remember that when our vacation was over, I ran to see Kelly, my haircutter then (and now) to show her and to ask if she could keep it looking that way.  She said she could. And she has.

I’ve been very happy with my hair ever since, but there comes a time...

My time came in May when I met Christine Lagarde at a lunch.  (Ms. Lagarde is the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and French).  She looked great.  She also looks a lot like me (although she is eighteen years younger).  Members of my staff told me we look like sisters, and an absolute stranger came up to me that afternoon and said, “Excuse me Mme. Lagarde” so I guess I do resemble her.

A few days after the lunch, I arrived at Kelly’s with a picture from a website devoted to Christine Lagarde’s hair (, and we decided to go for it. Obviously, it was going to take some time for my hair to grow in.

When I saw Kelly yesterday, seven weeks later, she gave my hair the thumbs up.  We’re not quite there yet, but it’s kind of nice to look into the mirror and see me with a new look that has nothing to do with wrinkles.

P.S.  Peter likes it too.


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Mary Brick

Thanks for inspiring me to embrace change, not just "go with it". 7/22/12 new me.


I would love to see photos of your hair.

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