How Can It Be the 22nd of July?

Brattle Street

Every weekday, I hop on my bicycle for my two-mile ride to work.  I have been doing that for over seventeen years, except in downpours, when the temperature is below 26 degrees or when there is so much snow on the streets that there isn’t room for me and the cars.

In the summer, my ride is less transportation-to-work and more  pleasure.  For one thing, I don’t have to dress like the Michelin man to keep warm.  Because the days are long, I get to bike home while it is still light.  More important, especially in July and August, the traffic is very light, and I enjoy a more relaxed trip.

The past two weeks have been especially beautiful, perhaps a bit hot, but bright sun and often a gentle breeze.  I have been more “in the moment” on my ride.  I am reminded daily that my trip takes me down Brattle Street, one of the most historic and beautiful streets in the United States.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived on Brattle Street.  And George Washington.  And others whose names are well-known to American history buffs.   Back then, the street was called Tory Row, reflecting the politics of its pre-revolutionary homeowners.  There are more historic houses than you can shake a stick at, noted by the small tasteful blue and white signs indicating their famous former occupants. 

During the summer, I can pay more attention to the beautiful gardens and the gracious trees that shade the street. 

I’m working hard at not taking things for granted.



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