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A July Fourth Lesson

Here’s a lesson we could all profit from. In our eagerness to see the rest of the world, we can lose sight of the treasures in our own back yard. 

I was reminded of this when we joined friends at the waterfront for Boston’s July Fourth celebration on Wednesday.  This year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, and Boston’s annual Harborfest was celebrating with a visit of the tall ships, a spectacular air show by the Blue Angels and the Navy Seals, and the semiannual turning around of Boston’s most famous elderly resident, the USS Constitution, lovingly known as “Old Ironsides.”

When we got up, it was raining, but by 10:00 the sun was out.  We hopped on our bicycles and rode to the subway. We met our friends in front of the Boston Aquarium and joined the large crowd meandering along Boston’s Harborwalk, pausing to look up at the Blue Angels in perfect formation overhead, or to ooh and aah at a fireboat spouting water like a great fountain as it sailed down the harbor.  But nothing beat the Constitution. We reassured some very excited Asian tourists that they were indeed looking at the historic (1797) vessel under sail.

The cost of participating in this world-class event, senior subway fare $1.00 each way.  No passports, no overnight flight.



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