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Re-winding the Tape

I came home Friday evening feeling a little stressed.  The week at work had not seen my best performance as a manager, and I wasn’t feeling so great about it.  So since we don’t have a cat to kick…

When I walked into the house, I saw that Peter had made a purchase that replaced something similar that he had never used. So, of course, I am thinking, “Why not get it right the first time?”  What’s more, he had bought it at a store where we get a 15% discount that he forgot to use. And it was  expensive enough so the discount would have mattered. 

Considering that we had just spent a small fortune to paint the outside of our house and that someone wrecked our car’s fender while it was parked yesterday without leaving a note, the added expense just hit me the wrong way.  Let’s put it like this, I could have started the weekend in a friendlier way.

I proceeded directly to the basement to lift weights. There, I thought about how unnecessary and inappropriate my reaction was.  The thing Peter bought is really important to get right, and I should have said, “What a good idea!” Compared to the painter’s bill and the expected cost of the car repair, the expense was practically nothing.

So when I finished my weights and came upstairs to find my wonderful husband making dinner, I asked him, “Can we rewind the tape?”


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Mary Brick

Thoughtful, wonderful post.

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