Like Mother, Like Son

Pick Your Poison

What’s good for us often turns out to be bad for us and vice versa.  Coffee was bad, now it’s good.  A day at the beach used to give us a “healthy” tan.  No more.  Chocolate was evil.  Now a bit of dark chocolate daily may save our hearts.  And the latest claim, not-enough salt can increase our chances of dying.

It’s confusing. 

Recently, I sought advice from a celiac disease specialist because I had heard that those of us who have celiac disease have trouble absorbing the bisphosphonates that my primary care doctor was recommending to keep my bones strong.  I learned that the celiac specialist doesn’t like to prescribe bisphosphonates for her patients and recommended that I first check to be sure that I am absorbing enough Vitamin D.  She specifically said that I should go out in the sun without sunscreen, something that would cause my dermatologist to jump off the nearest bridge.

What’s more, bisphosphonates have been known to cause fractures of the thigh bone if taken for too long.  And this medication is meant to save us from fractures?

Toss a coin?  Pick your poison? 



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