Pick Your Poison
Re-winding the Tape


Katrina and Jeremy asked us to come to Maryland and take care of our grandkids overnight while they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary at an inn on the Maryland shore.

The last time we stayed with the grandchildren, five-year-old Grady was an infant and he wailed for what seemed like hours when his parents left.  This time was different.  He and his older brother Leo figured out that their grandparents didn’t know all the house rules, and that their parents would allow them to relax some of them anyhow. So they barely noticed when their parents left.

Gramps, aka Peter, went to see “Madagascar 3” with Leo and slept through most of it, according to Leo.  I stayed home with Grady, trying to learn the ins and outs of Ninjago, at which I was a complete failure.

After a pizza dinner, bedtime kept getting pushed back.  Finally, I became stern. “Don’t make me be a mean grandmother,” I pleaded.  “You are an awesome grandmother,” replied Leo.  So they got to stay up a bit longer.

In the morning we had a whiffleball game.  Gramps and Grammy vs. Leo and Grady.  We were losing 17 – 0 before we got our turn to bat.

 Leo pitched one over the plate, and I hit the ball sharply into his eye, thus risking my “awesome grandmother” ranking. 

A few hugs, some ice, and everything was OK.


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