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Beware of Magazines for Miles

I could write a book about my love/hate relationship with frequent flyer miles programs.  I hate them because everyone I know seems to be able to use their miles to fly to exotic places while we always have to plunk down hard-earned cash, no matter where we go.

It’s not that we don’t have any miles.  It’s that they are distributed among too many airlines.  And even though we are sitting on 100,000 miles on British Air earned from a tempting credit card offer, we have not been able to use them, even when we were flexible about the times we flew.

And then, our miles disappear because we don’t use them.  Of course, that’s because they never let us use them.

Time after time, we get offers for free magazines for our miles just before they expire.  I don’t know what got into me, but I decided I might as well get something for the miles, and I signed up for two magazines that I don’t really want.

After I sent in my order, I learned from a friend that although the magazines are “free, they automatically renew and the subscriber is billed with no notice.  It’s a subtle scam, but a scam.

So, on my calendar for April 2013, I have written “cancel magazines”.

Be careful about “free.”


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Judy Smallwood

This has happened to me and I agree that it's a scam. I also dislike "free" channels from my TV/internet/phone supplier, because when I try to get them removed so I don't have to start paying, something always goes wrong! Then I have to trouble-shoot, and my time is wasted as well.

Letha saldanha

If it is any consolation, I have signed up for Time Magazine and Readers Digest for miles for RNA same reason. They continued to send it to me for ages and kept sending me bills. I send the first bill back saying 'cancel' and then ignored the rest. After about six months they stopped sending them

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