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What Makes a Great Weekend?

What Makes a Great Weekend?

Our son Jeremy was in a wedding last weekend.  He knew the groom from General Mills, his first employer after business school.  He knew the bride from college.  He claimed to know more people at the wedding than anyone else, and he was probably right.  Even better, Grady, our five-year old grandson was the ring bearer.  The videos and photos bear testimony to what must have been one of the best weekends ever.

I, too, had a great weekend.  The weather was perfect.  I went shopping for clothes, an activity I have grown to hate.  But I ended up with a wonderful saleswoman and seven items of clothing to shore up my pathetic summer wardrobe. I also bought a highly recommended new gluten-free flour mix called Cup4Cup that is only available at the up-scale kitchen store, Williams-Sonoma.

Anyone who has had to give up gluten knows that there is no substitute for the elasticity that it adds to baked goods.  Further, flour substitutes have an after-taste I dislike.  So I have learned to live without some of my favorite foods.

Peter got up before me on Sunday and made a batch of scones with the new flour. Peter’s scones were flaky.  They were not grainy.  They tasted a lot like my memory of scones. Those scones made my whole day.  In fact they made my weekend.

Jeremy and I both had great weekends.   His  weekend was “great”  by any standard.  Mine, on the other hand, was great for someone who is 70-something.


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