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Family Matters

We spent last weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina at the wedding of our niece Debbie.  We haven’t been great about keeping in touch with her, so we were surprised to receive an invitation. 

It was one of those weddings that involved a lot of ex’s.  Debbie has been married before. Her ex-brother-in-law was there, and he was going to baby sit for her children while she and her new husband had a short honeymoon.   Debbie’s parents (her father is my brother) are divorced and remarried.  Her mother, my ex-sister-in-law, and I were high school classmates, but never great friends.  There were some awkward moments, especially since Debbie’s mother doesn’t talk to her ex-husband, my brother.

So it was complicated, and Peter and I were expecting some challenges.  Despite all of our concerns, things worked out well.  The new bride and groom were on Cloud 9 and that raised everyone’s spirits.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen happier newlyweds.

My brother and his wife appreciated our being there to support him, and we were glad that we could.  These are the times when…

Family matters.


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