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Clinton and Me

No matter what your political persuasion, you have to admit that Bill Clinton is impressive.  So when I had a chance to hear him speak to a group of 300 people recently, I grabbed it. 

Admittedly, when he kept his audience waiting for forty-five minutes, there were grumblings about his disrespect for our time.  (OK, it was me grumbling.)

But when he  arrived, he said a few things that resonated with me. 

1.  Do something to change things, even if it is a small thing.

2.  Get satisfaction from knowing that you are on the right side of the struggle.

3.  Even though you don’t like being around people who don’t think like you, do it. Someone you don’t agree with now will help you some day.  Look for people who disagree with you who are open to discussion.

4.  Admit that you don’t know something.  When Clinton turned 65 last year, he decided that every day he would say he didn’t know something or that he was wrong. 

5.  It is important to be around young people.  He said that of the 400 employees in his foundation,  only a handful are near his age—the rest are in their twenties and thirties and they energize him.

He was worth waiting for.


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Susan Adcox

I'd wait for a good bit more than an hour for the chance to hear Bill Clinton, especially in a smallish group setting. I've heard Al Gore, President Obama and Jesse Jackson. I'd love to add Clinton to the list. And I like his list, #4 especially.

Mary O'Keeffe

Hi Judy,

A friendly wave from Upstate NY from your long-ago former colleague with the office across the hall from you. I ran across your blog a few months ago and many of your thoughtful and reflective posts have really resonated with me--but especially this one.

Thanks for sharing it!

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