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A Glass of Wine

Normally, a glass of wine with dinner is a treat that I save for weekends.  I often work (or write this blog) on week nights, and wine can make me less productive.  

Also normally, I am a compulsive consumer of health information. 

Recently, my health information began to conflict with my wine policy.  Experts seem to agree that, for women, a glass of wine a day has serious health benefits, including, perhaps, denser bones, less arthritic inflammation, and less likelihood of heart disease.

So last Sunday, I began a daily-glass-of-wind-with-dinner routine.  Not a big glass, mind you, but maybe two inches worth.  The good news is that I have not noticed that I am less productive.

On Thursday morning, I mentioned to Peter that I had slept extremely well this week and wondered if that was due to my new wine regime.

Thursday night, I did not sleep well.  I should keep my thoughts to myself.



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