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Your Parents and Sex

My hairdresser and I can talk about almost anything, even though, as she reminded me on Saturday, she is my age backwards (forty-seven). She has been cutting my hair for more than twenty-five years, so no subject is off limits.

Kelly’s dad is 82.  His wife (Kelly’s mother) died years ago, and he had been married to his second wife for some time when she died of cancer recently.  Very soon thereafter, he started talking about a widow with whom both he and his second wife had been friendly.  And this winter, when he went to Florida for a couple of months, he spent a lot of time with this new woman.  Kelly and her sister were surprised by how quickly he had a new amour, but happy for him.

When Kelly was cutting my hair on Saturday, I asked her about her dad.  She mentioned that before she had even welcomed him home, he was off to his friend’s house, as she too had returned from Florida. Then, she told me that her father started to describe their sex life.  “No Dad”, she protested.  “That’s Too Much Information.  You have brothers—talk to them about it.”

Can you imagine your parents having sex? 

Too much information.



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