Ads Drive Me Crazy


I forgot my book when I went to get a manicure yesterday.  As luck would have it, I had to wait thirty minutes.  So I joined the 3,003,032 readers of Cosmopolitan magazine to see what girls are up to.

I learned:

1.  My five inch-high-heeled sandals should have multi-colored straps this spring.

2.  Peter will not be able to resist me if I surprise him with a big kiss just as he steps out of the shower.

3.  To avoid “hat hair,” I should part my hair on the wrong side when I put on a hat and part it back on the correct side when I take it off.  (I’ll try that with my bike helmet.)

4.  Men find blue finger nail polish alluring.  Aqua, especially.

5.  According to underwear manufacturers, men are going for skimpier briefs in order to better show off their stuff.

What else I learned: 

Not to forget my book next time.


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3. sounds useful!

I'm also happy to report I took out my rarely used foam roller and diligently worked on my legs for two days! If it doesn't turn out to be a solution, at least it is a hope... hahaha.


Loved this! And if you told me you'd actually bought a pair of 5-inch heels, I'd know it was an April Fools joke!

Pat Miller

The sad thing is my teen-age daughter would totally believe the nail polish, sandal and "hat hair" comments and slavishly follow all three.

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