Who Wears the Pants?
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Our life is good, but fairly routine.  The weeks whiz by. A lot of work, some social life, a phone call or two from a child.  Nothing to write home about.

And then there are weeks like this one.

Friday, I received an email from a TV casting director who read about how I found my half-sister in an entry on The 70-Something Blog, and wanted to talk to me about telling my story for a documentary.  Once I realized she was legitimate (thanks to Linked In), we talked.  We’ve talked a lot since then, and it looks like this 70-something is going to have her fifteen minutes of fame, together with her 94-year old half-sister. 

On Saturday, our journalist son arrived for a 64-hour visit (but who’s counting?).  Anyone with a child who’s not around much understands how exciting that is. 

Then yesterday I came home from work to find a New York Times videographer in my living room.  He had just taped Peter for a video about the early days of computing, featuring folks (like Peter) who failed to see the future potential of the Internet.

Just when you think life is boring…


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