Losing Friends

Warmth and Azaleas

We found spring this week on a short vacation in Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.  It’s peak azalea season there, and the daytime temperatures were in the mid-seventies.

I am happy to report that southern hospitality is alive and well.  Strangers on the street greeted us, “Hi, how y’all doing?” Everyone was helpful.

We walked many miles over those four days.  Our highlights were the gracious 18th century homes near the Battery in Charleston and the squares in the historic section of Savannah. 

We enjoyed each other, as always.  But there was one event that topped the others.  We were walking along King Street in Charleston one early evening on our way to dinner.  Peter was in khakis, a striped dress shirt and a navy blazer.  I was wearing tight black slacks and a chic gray jacket.

Two twenty-something blonde women passed us going the other way.  One called to us over her shoulder as she passed, “You are one good looking couple!” she said.

It’s hard to beat southern hospitality.



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