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Losing Friends

The fact that so many of my friends are alive and well is a blessing.  There was a time in my early forties when three of my close friends died.  Two died of lung cancer, although neither of them had smoked, and one died of liver cancer while she waited for a transplant.  They all had young children.  It was very sad.

My close friends have been well since then.  But as the years add up, and if I’m lucky enough to stick around, this will change.  Aunt Ruth, though 100 years old, has two friends who are older, but enough who are younger to add up to sixty or so guests at her recent birthday celebration.  Her advice—have younger friends-- is worth taking.

We were out with dear friends who are five and seven years younger than I am the other evening.  I told them why Aunt Ruth advises us to keep them in our lives. 

We had a good laugh.


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